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Anderson+Boatcher - Blog - What To Expect From The iPad 3
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March 05, 2012by: Anderson+BoatcherPosted in : Luxury Trends
What To Expect From The iPad 3

Few people outside Apple know for sure what CEO Tim Cook will unveil next week. But assuming it's a new iPad, speculation and leaks have focused on a few possibilities:

Clearer Display – One tidbit that's cropped up over and over is that Apple manufacturers have cranked out a display screen that would be a huge leap from the current model. The story, largely originating from China where Apple products are made, is that the iPad 3 will have a 2048-by-1536-pixel retina display. That would be a major leap from the iPad 2's 1024 by 768 pixels and rival the display on high-definition television. There have even been reports, based on parts listings provided to suppliers, that the new gadget could be called the iPad HD.

Siri – When the iPhone 4S rolled out this year, Siri was perhaps the main feature that numbed the techie pain of not getting a radically updated iPhone 5.  Some folks focused on the voice-activated "personal assistant's" limitations, but the ability to talk to a tiny, handheld computer and have it talk back, much less perform helpful tasks, captured the imaginations of many new owners.

A Cheaper iPad – Some observers say Apple may try to challenge less-expensive tablets on the market. The Christian Science Monitor quotes an unnamed source saying that Apple is working on a simpler, 8-gigabyte version of the iPad. Currently, the lowest-end iPad has 16 gigabytes of storage, running up to 64 gigabytes on the high end. The emergence of cloud-based storage has, in some ways, mitigated the importance of storage space on devices such as tablets. And 8 gigabytes would put a cheaper iPad on par with the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. Even if the offering were a simplified iPad 2, attacking the competition on two fronts could help Apple stem the swelling tide of competition.

Better Camera – The first iPad had no camera, which helped the iPad 2 make a splash when Apple rolled it out with front and back-facing cameras and the ability to run FaceTime, its video-chat app. Reports out of China suggest the iPad 3 could have the same, 8-megapixel camera from Sony that the iPhone 4S does. That camera has earned raves from users, who call it a major upgrade from the camera on the iPhone 4.

It’s Not Just An iPad – An Apple TV set, the next mythical product for which Apple watchers have been waiting. Analysts who study Apple's supply line say they've already seen prototypes of a fully integrated Apple TV. And, last month, Best Buy sent some customers a curiously detailed hypothetical survey question, asking if they'd be interested in a flat-panel, high-definition TV running Apple's iOS system with access to Apple's iCloud service.


The information above is provided by cnn.com. 

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